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The Inspiration for MyEllevate
Dr. Pozner, Dr. Mueller and Dr. DiBernardo

The Inspiration for MyEllevate

An interview with board-certified plastic surgeon and nationally recognized master in his field Dr. DiBernardo

How It Started

In 1995, Dr. Dibernardo, a nationally recognized leader in the plastic surgery field, wrote a paper about a minimally invasive approach to treat the neck area that captured the plastic surgery world. That paper brought to light a new way to treat the neck but, as Dr. Dibernardo puts it today “it was still a surgery and still had incisions.”

That very paper served as an inspiration for Dr. Mueller to develop the procedure known today as MyEllevate.

“Dr. Mueller took it to the next level and made it non-invasive,” explains Dr. DiBernardo. “The groundbreaking procedure addresses the glands and the muscles underneath the skin of the neck and, unlike a facelift or a neck lift, doesn’t require incisions or removal of skin.”

For that reason, MyEllevate can be performed under local anesthesia in a surgeon’s office. The procedure is quick, convenient, and has been a hit for both patients and surgeons as it provides natural-looking results right away and requires almost no downtime.

Dr. Mueller developed this facial rejuvenation solution to support, elevate and approximate the underlying muscles and glands while keeping in mind that many patients aren’t comfortable with invasive surgery or simply don’t have the time for a lengthy recovery.

MyEllevate Today

Fast forward to 2020, Dr. DiBernardo is not only one of the top plastic surgeons offering MyEllevate, he has been educating other surgeons about the procedure and how it can elevate their practice.

When asked about the impact MyEllevate has brought to his clinic, Dr. Dibernardo doesn’t hesitate to comment “ It has become one of the top minimally invasive procedures we provide at New Jersey Plastic Surgery.”

Often combined with energy to tighten the skin, such as AcuTite, FaceTite, and PrecisionTX, MyEllevate has become a favorite in Dr. DiBernardo’s New Jersey clinic.

“Patients today like to have non-invasive options that provide real results and MyEllevate offers exactly that. The amount of results obtained from such a quick procedure, done under local anesthesia and in office, is impressive and pleasantly surprising to them.”

Dr. DiBernardo goes on to share that in addition to energy-based solutions, MyEllevate is often paired with Blepharoplasty. Both procedures complement each other and can be done under an hour under local anesthesia.

According to Dr. Dibernardo, “Anyone showing mild to moderate signs of aging of the neck or who has a combination of excess fat, loose skin or prominent muscle bands is the perfect candidate for MyEllevate, as well as those who are not facelift candidates.”

The Future Is Non-Invasive

Fully aware that the current minimally invasive solution trend is rapidly expanding, Dr. Dibernardo has made it a priority to offer such treatments to his patients. His renowned practice integrates innovation, research and technology to provide an unparalleled quality of service and
results, using only the most sophisticated techniques and technologies, such as MyEllevate.

According to Dr. DiBernardo, “MyEllevate is the biggest breakthrough to advance the minimally invasive neck treatments in this decade.”

Dr. DiBernardo welcomes any patient interested in improving the appearance of their face and neck at his New Jersey Plastic Surgery clinic. He is offering a Patient Educational Webinar about MyEllevate on November 20, 2020.

You can find more information about Dr. DiBernardo and his practice on our page.

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