Smartlipo PrecisionTx® and MyEllevate®: Incredible Results without Surgery - MyEllevate®

Smartlipo PrecisionTx® and MyEllevate®: Incredible Results without Surgery

“The aesthetics of the jawline are the heart and soul of facial rejuvenation,” shares Dr. Claytor, who’s been in practice for over 15 years.

Dr. Claytor’s knowledge of and continual training in the most advanced surgical techniques provide his patients with up-to-date, cutting-edge care that yields exceptional results. Always up to date and interested in the latest available procedures, Dr. Claytor is proud to offer MyEllevate to his patients at Claytor Noone Plastic Surgery.

“Often patients will say, I feel young, but my jawline makes me look old. Facial aging can be disguised with filler, botox and microneedling, but the jawline region does not respond to the conservative measures. Patients feel that they have no other option but a full facelift to remedy the excess fat and loose skin of a double chin, but in the select patient with a plastic surgeon who has the expertise to suction the fat, laser the skin and elevate the tissue back to its original position, a Non-Surgical jawline LIFT may be the perfect option.”

As Dr. Claytor shares, “a well-contoured neckline with a well-defined jawline conveys strength and youth. Fat accumulation and loose skin create a sagging and aged appearance that is amplified with the selfies, Zoom calls and Facetime world that we now live in.”

Both MyEllevate and Smartlipo PrecisionTx cater to those clients demanding non-invasive and minimally invasive technologies to improve visible signs of aging.

Dr. Claytor tells us that it is possible, with the correct application of Liposuction, to remove the excess fat and tighten the skin and underlying muscle with the Smartlipo PrecisionTx Laser treatment. For the skin retraction, the MyEllevate Suture is the perfect finishing step: it is placed percutaneously to reposition the skin to the original youthful location along the anterior muscle layer of the jawline platysma to achieve a sculpted and contoured jawline line.

PrecisionTX, by Cynosure, is a minimally invasive laser for face and jawline contouring. PrecisionTx is a type of Smartlipo that specifically targets the chin and jawline area including a double chin, sagging jawline and jowls around the cheeks and lower face. This quick, one-time treatment works below the skin to disrupt those areas of fat, for a smoother, healthier look. The benefits of PrecisionTx treatments in the lower face and jawline continue to improve over time.

Combine that with MyEllevate and you have a complete facial rejuvenation!

MyEllevate is a minimally invasive procedure that addresses the glands and the muscles underneath the skin of the jawline. Unlike a facelift or a neck lift, MyEllevate doesn’t require incisions or removal of skin and can be performed under local anesthesia in a surgeon’s office. Patients love it because it is a quick procedure (about an hour), requires almost no downtime, and provides natural-looking results.

MyEllevate + Smartlipo PrecisionTx = undeniable winning combo!