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Dr. Greg Chernoff on MyEllevate and FaceTite: Non-Invasive Procedures Offering Natural Looking Results

Even the healthiest individuals can begin to develop stubborn, concentrated areas of fat in their jawline area. Excess fat in this part of the body is one of the most common signs of aging, leaving men and women feeling frustrated with their appearance.

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Dr. Greg Chernoff

One of the most popular ways to address this problem is by combining MyEllevate with a skin tightening technology such as FaceTite and BodyTite by InMode.

Dr. Greg Chernoff, who has performed hundreds of cosmetic surgery and procedures for men and women, shares how his patients benefit from using both MyEllevate and FaceTite to enjoy natural looking results in the jawline:

“MyEllevate is a tremendous procedure for patients who don’t have a lot of definition to their jawline and some under the chin fat. It will give the jawline a beautiful definition.” – Dr. Chernoff about the MyEllevate procedure.

One of Dr. Chernoff’s patients, about MyEllevate and Bodytite: “Throughout my life, I have struggled with a full neck and poor jawline. I came to Dr. Chernoff for a consultation. He spent the time clearly explaining to me several options. I was intrigued by the technology involved in the MyEllevate with Bodytite procedure. I decided upon and underwent this procedure. When he removed my dressing the next day, I literally wept. Dr. Chernoff gave me a jawline and neckline that I never imagined possible. I had minimal discomfort and was back to work within a few days. The beauty was, no one to this day at one year out did anyone ever think I had anything done. I look natural, like I lost some weight! I am so grateful to Dr. Chernoff for his expertise and to Dr. Mueller for giving Dr. Chernoff the opportunity of offering MyEllevate to me! Thank you!”

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Amanda Before & After

Dr. Chernoff also tells us that without exception, his patients who have had MyEllevate alone, or in combination with FaceTite, have expressed their high satisfaction and gratitude for the efforts typically exceeding their expectations. Whether a first-time patient or a revision from a previous lift, they are extremely happy. This has led to numerous referrals from these patients due to their willingness to talk to friends and family about this novel combination procedure!

Over the past decade, he has seen a trend towards generational aesthetics with younger patients seeking “preventative aesthetics” over what was previously considered “corrective aesthetics.” As such, he sees more patients asking for more nonsurgical alternatives or minimally invasive choices highlighting minimal risk, minimal discomfort, and minimal downtime.

Dr. Chernoff has a tremendous respect for all of the hard work and tenacity shown by Greg Mueller in bringing MyEllevate to market. It is a valuable addition to his armamentarium of procedures that he offers to patients with a full neck, subtle platysmal banding and early jowling in the Generation Z (12-25), Millennial (25-40), and Generation X (41-55) patient populations. Additionally, some Baby Boomers (55-75) seek facial rejuvenation with an interest in less invasive options. As older patients lose skin elasticity with resultant loss of tone and quality, adding the InMode radiofrequency technology to MyEllevate for the submental tissue lends itself to a more favorable result.

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Jen Before & After

He has also been offering MyEllevate to his previous facelift patients who are ten to twenty years post-op. It has allowed him to “freshen” their appearance both from a gravitational descent standpoint and skin elasticity by adding FaceTite. MyEllevate allows Dr. Chernoff to address low lying submandibular glands in a manner not available in the past.

About MyEllevate:
MyEllevate™, a minimally invasive facial rejuvenation solution that supports, elevates and approximates the underlying muscles and glands, is also safe and effective, takes minimal time and offers significant results, which are long-lasting and natural-looking!

Now can you see how perfect this match is?

We are beyond excited to combine MyEllevate™ with InMode’s technology to achieve the best minimally invasive facial rejuvenation results!