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Why are traditional neck lifts passé | Myellevate

Why are traditional neck lifts passé?

By Dana Corddry

This month marked a universally significant anniversary: 365 days of quarantine began one year ago in March, 2020. During this past year, we’ve all shared one significant experience in common: lockdown, and the myriad inconveniences that came along with it. Got kids? Elderly or immune-compromised family members? Did you have to continue working out of the home, while investing time in extra daily safety precautions? We’ve all been there – the toll of quarantining has been no small feat! Effectively doubling our individual workloads in the same number of hours in the day, means that time has become more limited than ever, and we have none to waste. For working parents and professionals who still need to present well in daily Zoom meetings, this means that cosmetic procedures like a traditional neck lift or rhinoplasty, that require substantial recovery time, are off the table.

Today, we’re looking for fast, effective, and the new gold-standard in beauty treatments: minimally invasive.

If it requires a hospital stay, it’s out of the question – we’ve got kids to wrangle, clients to satisfy, and endless surfaces to sanitize! Yet, especially in today’s age of back-to-back Zoom sessions, how can we satisfy our want for the effects of a real neck lift, with none of the downtime, telltale swelling and redness, or trips to the riskier-than-ever-hospital? The answer to this question has recently been buzzing on the lips of certain women and men known to favor less invasive procedures: “MyEllevate”.

Let’s take Amalia for example; a MyEllevate patient in her early forties who has a demanding career in Finance. While she doesn’t have kids, she’s spent the past year quelling the concerns of her clients, one phone call, Zoom meeting, or face-to-face at a time, as the market has maintained its roller coaster fluctuations. Amalia says she was desperate to get a procedure done quickly. “I wanted a neck lift. I wanted this whole area tightened, smoothed, and I was sick of seeing sagging skin and age lines. I went to three plastic surgeons. Everyone said the same thing: For a neck lift, you’ll need to take time off work. That just wasn’t an option for me. Who CAN take time off for a neck lift right now?” She was disappointed, stressed, and frustrated. Until one day, a few weeks later, her friend Christine offered a suggestion over lunch. “Why would you get surgery,” her friend asked her. “You don’t have to go under the knife at all for what you want. Have you heard of MyEllevate?”

“She had my attention right away,” Amalia says. Now, Amalia gushes her thanks for Christine, saying “she saved me so much time and money! I can’t believe I was ready to go under the knife. I got probably better results than I would have from a full-blown neck lift. I was in and out of the office the same day!”

MyEllevate is a method developed by Dr. Gregory Mueller, an FACS board certified plastic surgeon, and the inventor of MyEllevate® and the ICLED® light guided suture system used to perform the procedure. It is a highly effective facial rejuvenation technique that combines the two magic bullets everyone is looking for in big-impact, low downtime cosmetic procedures: it’s minimally invasive, and it’s long lasting. In other words, it’s the new gold standard in skin tightening technology.

Alicia, another MyEllevate patient, echoed Amalia’s happiness with her results. “You don’t understand,” Alicia says, “these are beyond the results I’d expected for an in-office procedure. I knew I wanted to stay away from doing a neck lift; I’m scared of any heavy
Anesthesia or scarring from a more intense surgery. But this blew me away. It took pounds off my face and neck! Everyone assumed I had something much more invasive done, for these results”.

In the past 365 days of quarantine, over 2.3 Million women unlike Amalia and Alicia have had to leave the workforce due to the pandemic. What all of us share in common, is that whether we are dutifully sticking to the fast track, or making temporary sacrifices for our families, we are all looking for that one miracle treatment, the answer to our beauty concerns and/or signs of stress or aging, that won’t pull us away from our desks or homes for too long. Intensive procedures like the neck lift, are fast becoming antiquated things of the past. For women who need to keep up with appearances, and meet the ever-growing demands of our uniquely evolving daily lives – MyEllevate is the solution we’ve all been praying for.