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MyEllevate® is Everywhere!

Elle Magazine, Aesthetic Guide, E!, The Doctors and BAZAAR are all talking about it!

The real question is where has MyEllevate® NOT been mentioned in the last few months!

Indeed, Elle Magazine has called it the ‘buzziest new procedure’ in their article entitled Meet the Zoom Lift. Dr. Soheila Rostami confirms: “I would say that MyEllevate® has changed the need for extensive neck surgery for younger patients with prominent platysma bands.”

The Aesthetic Guide also wrote about MyEllevate® in an article entitled Innovative Neck and Jawline Procedure Fills Pre-Facelift Gap. Article highlights include:

For patients desiring minimally invasive neck and jawline rejuvenation with long-lasting results, MyEllevate® (Newport Beach, Calif.) may prove very appealing. The procedure was created by Beverly Hills, Calif.- based plastic surgeon Gregory Mueller, MD. With a quick learning curve and minimal capital outlay, MyEllevate® provides safe, predictable rejuvenation for patients who previously had no efficacious options.

Dr. Barry DiBernardo, MD, a plastic surgeon in Montclair, N.J. goes on to add that “What (he) love(s) about MyEllevate&reg is that in a minimally invasive office-based procedure under local anesthesia, (he) can get aesthetic improvement of the neck approaching a surgical facelift or neck lift.”

As Bazaar mentions in their article entitled ‘Take years off your neck’, “when you turn 55 or so, your neck (loose skin, jowls, marionette lines, muscle bands, salivary glands) drop one Sunday evening during Big Little Lies. Then it’s all anyone talks about. What to do, who’s done it, how it works, and how soon you can book it.” The article features MyEllevate®, explains the procedure, boasts about its minimally invasive characteristics and 10 days or less bruising time.

Front page BAZAAR- MyEllevate® is Everywhere
BAZAAR mentions MyEllevate® in their article

The Aesthetic Insider calls MyEllevate®The Next BIG Thing In Facial Rejuvenation! The article reads:

The MyEllevate® procedure is a completely new approach to address the underlying muscles and glands of the neck. To date no other minimally invasive technology exists that will treat the underlying neck structures percutaneously. The MyEllevate® procedure is a great adjunct to all technologies and approaches that either tighten the skin or remove/dissolve fat. Many of these approaches leave visible neck bands and droopy glands. MyEllevate® is the first and only procedure that allows the oversewing of these structures to support and shape the neck contours underneath the skin.

MyEllevate® also came up on The Doctors, Esquire and W, and E! Entertainment Tonight.

Dr. Manolis G Manolakakis, Facial cosmetic surgeon at Advanced Facial Surgery NYC and NJ, raves about MyEllevate® in a recent testimonial:

Ever since botox and fillers have come on the scene all patients have wanted to know what minimally invasive options there are for facial rejuvenation. The upper and mid face have always had the best minimally invasive options but the lower face and neck has been difficult to treat without traditional lower face and neck lifting. In a busy metropolitan area of NYC patients want to have procedures that 1. Work and 2. Don’t have a tremendous amount of social downtime. I’ve tried ultrasound and laser treatment to the lower face and neck. But had minimal impact with lifting and jaw defining. Then came Facetite, which is a minimally invasive skin tightening and lipolysos device that significantly tightens the skin. The only problem with that was it had no effect on the platysma muscle and any ptotic sumbandibular glands. Enter in MyEllevate®, a minimally invasive suture suspension of the neck muscles and glands. I cannot say how much of a profound effect it provides for the aging neck. Patients who I would only consider facelift candidates are getting facelift and necklift like results without the long scars or downtime. This has opened up a whole new world for my patients who either are too young or not willing to have traditional face and neck lift procedures. Both patients and I are extremely happy with the outcomes and this has quickly become one of the most popular procedures I perform. The marriage between energy skin tightening and MyEllevate® is truly an option I stand behind.

Lastly, MyEllevate® was featured on EXTRA! Ariana Maddix from Vanderpump Rules received MyEllevate® and FaceTite by InMode to finally get the defined jawline she always dreamed of.

About MyEllevate®:
MyEllevate® is a minimally invasive facial rejuvenation solution that offers natural and long lasting results. Contact us today to join the MyEllevate® team!