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MyEllevate™ News

A Discussion with Dr. Pozner on how MyEllevate™ Positively Affected his Practice

Jason Pozner, MD is the co-founder and medical director of Sanctuary Medical Center in Boca Raton, Florida. Dr. Pozner foresees a day when noninvasive treatments are the only therapies needed to keep skin firm, healthy, and glowing.
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PrecisionTx SmartLipo™ and MyEllevate™: Incredible Results without Surgery

“The aesthetics of the jawline are the heart and soul of facial rejuvenation,” shares Dr. Claytor, who’s been in practice for over 15 years. Dr. Claytor’s knowledge of and continual training in the most advanced surgical techniques provide his patients with up-to-date, cutting-edge care that yields exceptional results.
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Renuvion™ and MyEllevate™: Impressive Results without Surgery

On October 23, 2020, Dr. Rubinstein, an award winning plastic surgeon whose skills are sought out by patients from around the world.
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The Inspiration for MyEllevate

An interview with board-certified plastic surgeon and nationally recognized master in his field Dr. DiBernardo. In 1995, Dr. Dibernardo, a nationally recognized leader in the plastic surgery field, wrote a paper about a minimally invasive approach to treat the neck area that captured the plastic surgery world.
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The Ultimate Synergy with Energy

On Saturday October 17th, 2020, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Mueller, FACS, was invited to introduce MyEllevate™ to other surgeons attending Plastic Surgery – The Meeting 2020, as part of the ASPS Center Stage Spotlight.
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New Energy-Based Procedure: Be on the Lookout for Sofwave!

MyEllevate™ was recently on the Plastic Surgery Channel, recognized as the only digital multimedia outlet specialized in doctor delivered messaging about Plastic Surgery.
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MyEllevate™ Featured on Hollywood Beauty Magazine

If you’ve been wanting to disable the video feature on your computer during a zoom meeting, don’t panic!
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The Era of Minimally Invasive Medical Aesthetic Procedures

The growing demand for non-invasive and minimally invasive technologies to improve visible signs of aging has led to revolutionary developments in the skin tightening and facial rejuvenation industry. Patients can now choose from a variety of procedures that require almost no downtime and can be done in office. Read more >

Why FaceTite and MyEllevate™ Are The Perfect Match

Don’t let saggy skin hold you back from enjoying and celebrating your beauty, age, and/or weight loss. As we get older, our face and neck skin often loses its natural firmness, tone, and elasticity. And if you’ve lost weight, you might notice excess or saggy skin on your face and under the chin. Read more >