What is a neck lift, thread lift and facelift? - MyEllevate®

Additional Information About Elective Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

What is a neck lift?

The medical term for a neck lift is a lower rhytidectomy. Similar to facelifts, it is an elective surgical procedure to treat various signs of aging in the neck and chin, including the jawline. The signs of aging a patient might be seeking to treat with a neck lift include: loose skin, wrinkles, sagging skin or “jowls” (fat held in the lower face and jaw line), fatty deposits causing double chins, and even a condition called “muscle banding” in the neck that can cause an abnormal or uneven appearance in the skin.

What is a thread lift?

Unlike a neck lift or facelifts, a thread lift is a specialized procedure that uses temporary sutures to create an improved, lifted effect in the skin. Facelifts and neck lifts both involve the surgical removal of sections of skin in target areas, like the chin, neck or face. In a thread lift, the surgeon actually “lifts” the skin by stitching portions of it to achieve the desired effect.

What is a facelift?

The medical term for “facelifts” is a rhytidectomy. Facelifts are surgical procedures that create an enhanced, younger appearance for patients by the surgeon making small incisions along the scalp and sometimes behind the ears, and lifting the facial skin, which is then stitched into place. Facelifts are desired by  patients who are wanting to treat aging skin and conditions such as double chins, lack of definition of the chin, excess fatty skin deposits in the face or the  neck, relaxed skin in the face, wrinkles, and other complaints specific to the tone, texture and/or contour of the facial skin. There are many additional procedures available now which can be integrated into a routine facelift procedure, that will further augment positive results for the patient. Facial implants to alter chins, cheekbones and the facial structure; the injection of fillers to reduce wrinkles, and various resurfacing techniques to better contour and tighten the skin, may all be beneficial add-ons to facelifts.

What is MyEllevate?

The unique MyEllevate® technique and procedure is a minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedure, growing in popularity for its reliable results and short recovery time, compared to a traditional surgical neck lift, or full facelift. MyEllevate® was pioneered and developed by world renowned Dr. Gregory Mueller, a Beverly Hills, CA, board certified plastic surgeon.